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> Hi everybody
> I'm pleased to inform all that my daughter, Eileen, 12 is finally
> pumping saline today. We are all very happy. On Wed. she'll be put
> on insulin. I have a question, can I inject insulin into her
> infusion set? I've heard people do this. If so, where or what part
> do I inject into. Thanks. Pls reply as soon as possible she's due
> for her shot in approx 2 hrs and would hate to use a needle.
yes, but there are some precautions. you did not say which set you 
are using so use the appropriate info below. 

For both Tender/Silohettes/Comfort sets and SofSets, be careful to 
put the needle in very straight and only to the minimum depth 
necessary to get through the seal into the tubing. Be very careful 
not to go in crooked or too deep as you may puncture the tubing 
behind the seal and cause a leak -- this is possible though not real 
easy -- I've only done it once.

For the QR on the SofSet, the tubing between the release and the user 
contains about 2 1/2 units of fluid. Thus, if it is full of saline 
and you inject 1 unit of insulin, all of the insulin will not reach 
the user until at least 2.5 units of saline is bolused from the pump. 

Likewise for the Tender/Silohette/Comfort sets, the catheter contains 
about 0.75 u of insulin so a saline bolus of 0.8 u or 1 u is 
necessary to completely push all the insulin into the user.

I don't know the volume for Rapids, but most tubing contains about 
1/2 unit for each inch of length and the right angle sets about 1/2 
unit for their structure so you can figure out the minimum required 
saline bolus to chase an insulin infusion into a quick release.

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