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[IP] FW: Giving blood

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> From:	Keith Johnson [SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent:	Monday, July 17, 2000 5:10 PM
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> Subject:	Re: Giving blood
> Recently Kathy asked:
> > Has anyone given blood?  If so, did it affect your bs's?  When I went to
> the
> > Bloodmobile this morning, apparantly I was the first one on an insulin
> pump
> > to ask if I could donate.  They seemed to think that it was okay as long
> as
> > my bs's were stable.
> Wow! Whenever I've tried to give blood, in three different cities, I was
> told they would not take blood from diabetics. Have things changed? I'll
> have to give it another try and see what happens.
> If anyone else has succeeded in doing so, and has anything interesting to
> report about it (reactions of the blood-suckers... ah, I mean, the
> phlebotomist and the medical team; wavers you had to sign; any other
> obstacles) would you share it with the rest of us? Thanks!
> --
> Keith Johnson
> Fleischmann Planetarium
> email @ redacted
> "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
> P.S. Yes, I know I probably misspelled the title of the person with the
> needle. My spell-checker is pretty ignorant.
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