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[IP] Re: Site Problem - red "blotch" from my Tender

I used to be a lot itchier early in my pumping than I am after 2-1/2.  Maybe
I've gotten used to it; maybe my technique has improved.  I know I was the
most uncomfortable using metal needles.  I gave up on them after less than
one week.

1)  It's possible your irritation is an immune response: attack by
antibodies against the catheter.  Your skin would be red, swollen, warm and

Do we know your irritation is subcutaneous?  How long have you been using
the tenders?  Is the irritation decreased by planting the tender a little

Perhaps on the other hand, the irritation is topical.  Are you rinsing fully
the surgical soap before applying skin prep and the needle?

Maybe time will heal the problem as well.


>I am using Tender (or Silouette) infusion sets.  I am noticing a
>redness on my skin, best described as as a fairly pronounced red rash
>or "blotch" in the shape of a slight oval about 2cm across at the
>widest point.
>This bizarre blotch appears approx 24 hours after a new Tender has
>been inserted.  I do use
>Chlorhexidine surgical scrub to clean my skin before placement, and
>Skin Prep to help the Tender stick.

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