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Re: [IP] Smile


This rather reminds me of the poster who told the one who had a list
of *positives* that being positive didn't help his/her situation.

    I have had  a great many peoples ask me how can you " Smile and be
Happy" all the time. Well, I'm not all the time. I have been in the
hospital way to many times the last two years. I must now live with a
IV in my arm 24/7 because my stomach has stopped working for the most
part,so I can get food or drugs into my body thru the IV. This last
time I was in my potassium was so low I hurt to move, and I was
vomiting 7 to 10 times aday. But the hard thing I had to do is fight
with my doctors, they are all new; I feel I need to send them a bill
for I had to teach them the things they need to know to take care of
me. How to work with me and my pump; what tests to run and the thing
they need to checked. I knew that my K+ was low again (2.3 it need to
be 4.0)
    But back to why I Smile and be Happy. First I'm alive (if I have
pain it just show that I am). I have someone who loves me (for me that
is the one thing that always makes me SMILE AND BE HAPPY). The joy I
get from my friends (some near, some far away, some who I have never
seen face to face but are still friends). The fun it is to talk with
people in chat. I hate the pain, the vomiting, the IV,no longer being
able to work, and the lost of control of my life. But I will fight,
the fight every day, every minute the rest of my life; for I have the
love of friends to draw on if I am down, my doctors do care even if
they do not have the answers to all my problems. At times I think why
me God; but I know God will be there to help me. I'm happy with just
one more day, for today maybe the day a CURE is found.

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