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RE: [IP] Re: insurance

Michael wrote:

>>This is a battle that needs to be fought to the death -- so to speak. Get
the written denial and ask them in writing, where in your contract of
insurance that it says 200 per month. Start the appeal process and start
talking to your state commissioner of insurance. I am almost certain that
they are in breech of contract so you should be in good shape to win this.<<

Michael, I have already requested my Certificates and Riders for my
insurance, which is the actual contract.  I'm waiting for these to see where
it says they only cover 200 test strips per month.  My friend, who works at
the insurance, is also checking to see if I can use a different procedure
code, one for 100 strips per box (you see, they tell me that I can get 4
boxes of strips, which they equate to be 200 strips, 50 per box).  She seems
to think that perhaps there is a different procedure code to get boxes with
100 strips in them, and if that is also 4 boxes, then using that code I can
get 400 strips.  Hey, those insurance people don't have a lot of brains
floating around their offices so I can believe this.  They also told me that
I can have 10 boxes of cartridges and 10 boxes of infusion sets per year
(wondering how many they figure are in those boxes).  Doesn't make a lot of
sense to me, but I'm waiting for my contract and to hear from her.  Will let
you know what I find out.  And if I have to fight, then I will.  Fight to
the bitter end.

RoseLea and Max...

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