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[IP] Re:Insurance and Strips

 My problem with the insurance co. and strips has
nothing to do with my Endo, it just has to do with the
insurance co. I have to go through a surgical supply
co. to get my strips. I can't get my strips the
conventional way like most people, from the pharmacy.
It wouldn't be so bad, except that I have to pay 100%
till my deductible is met. Now I met my deductible
when I got my pump, as I had to pay 20%. It takes a
minimum of 30 days from the time MM bills my insurance
co., for this to get into the insurance co. computer.
Then the insurance co. would know that my deductible
has been met. So, to make a long story short... I have
been having to pay out of pocket for strips, and like
most new pumpers have been checking bg's like 10 - 12
times a day. Gosh has this gotten costly. 


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