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[IP] Spock and the Borg...& the need for Compassion

> Evelyn and Cliff, I really must stand in awe of your brilliant logical
> way of dealing with the Collective.
>    I've been legally blind from birth and have had to fight for the most
> basic of rights all my life, and really, you guys have it down pat. To
> think when I was denied the most basic after school job or club
> membership in favour of my fully-sighted peers, I could've saved all the
> heartache and anger, wouldn't have fought for the house I now own and
> certainly would not have a pump either. I would've taken the Insurence
> company's line of "Oh, we don't cover that" and gotten "Over it" and
> would probably be signed up at the dialysis clinic about now.
>   I used to love "Star Trek" and the idea of the Logical approach to
> life, until I realized that I was human. I have emotions and grew tired
> of the constant uphill battles in my life. I grow tired of having to
> fight for every little thing, and grew angry at the fact I had to, even
> in this 'progressive' day and age.
>   As far as getting "over it" and all, that may work fine for you, but
> this list is for support and NONE of us should be made to feel like any
> less of a person because we get tired of the constant high maintainance
> of life with diabetes.


THANK YOU for a response that really made my morning brighter!!  I was
sitting here feeling very discouraged at reading the critical tone of
Evelyn's burnout response & debating answering it - I know I already sounded
off a few days ago about Cliff's, & I do not want to become someone whose
"from" on a post causes people to roll their eyes & say "Oh no, there she
goes again!"  Your reply took care of that, & I'm glad to know that you are
out there for the many people who need to hear your kind of voice!

I do think it's REALLY important for all of us to remember who we are & why
we are here.
Who are we?  Pumpers, possible pumpers-to-be, support people for family &/or
friends dealing with the Great Diabetic Mysteries of Life, educators,
medical professionals, parents, children, & (I hope, for the most part)
Why are we here?  To share concerns & questions, help provide one another
with possible answers or direction, to be a supportive sounding board when
it all seems completely overwhelming & venting is needed, to offer smiles &
encouragement, to learn & to teach, to help ourselves & each other develop
the knowledge & skills to keep battling the Diabetes Monster day in & day
out - & somehow still come out on top...& a billion other reasons that I'm
sure I'm not even thinking of.  What are we NOT here to do?  Assume all
others possess the same tools we do for dealing with this disease, criticize
one another for choices made or feelings expressed, decide that "what works
for me will automatically work for you, if you would just try harder",
proclaim our own way as "the right way" & imply that YMWN(Will NOT)V, or
there must be something wrong with you!!

I generally try very hard not to criticise other people for their way of
seeing things, or for sharing it honestly.  But I think we've all got to
remember that this forum functions as a SUPPORT group....& those supportive
words & helpful suggestions offered at just the right time can make a HUGE
difference for the scared, worried, depressed, (dare I say it?) burnt-out
person on the receiving end.  Likewise, the harsh words that seem born of
intolerance could be the ones that push someone away from this list...&
tomorrow they may find that they need this very, very badly & are hesitant
to voice their concerns or problems, for fear of verbal attack.

I know I tend to be a writer of too many words, so let me step out of
character & say it simply - be kind.  We are not all in the same
place...with our lives, our diabetes, our pumping & coping skills...but we
are all, at times, facing the same kind of challenges.  Let's work FOR each
other here, not AGAINST.

End of sermon.


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