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[IP] Fighting Insurance for Strips

> >>We had that challenge for a while and then our Doc wrote a prescription
> that
> said he had to test 8 to 10 per day. It was also rejected at first when we
> went to our pharmacist but he spent a couple of minutes on the computer
> lo and behold it went through...We have not had a problem since.<<
> My insurance company told me that no matter how the prescription was
> they only allow for 200 strips per month and if I need or want more, I
> to buy them myself.


I'm not sure what state you're in, but is there a way to check state
guidelines on this?  (other IPers who've been there?)  It seems to me that
in the past when people have had this to battle, the suggestion to contact
the State Insurance Commissioner is brought up - I've never had this
situation, so I'm sorry I can't be more helpful here.  You might find
details by searching the archives under "limitting # of strips" or something
similar.  The bottom line is, isn't it illegal for the insurance company to
be practicing medicine, deciding how many strips you can/need to use?  I
think that they have to go with what the DOCTOR says you need...even if they
balk at first, keep fighting, & make sure your doctor, CDE, paperboy,
next-door-neighbor's dog, whoever it takes is involved, to back you up on
this as a medical NEED, not a luxury item!

Good Luck!

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