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[IP] Steri-Strips

> There are three 1/2 inch incisions that were closed with "steri-strip"
> Each of the incisions has a strip of tape that's 1/2 inch wide and 2
> long placed across the incision, i.e., the long dimension of each strip is
> perpendicular to its associated incision. The tape material appears to be
> clear plastic with an imbedded grid of threads (material unknown to me),
> with 20 threads per inch. The adhesive and adhesive preparation method is
> also unknown to me.
> The surgeon's instructions include the following statement: "These
> steri-strips will start to come off within 7-10 days. They are generally
> removed on your first post-operative visit." As of 48 hours after my
> surgery, all four corners of each of the 3 steri-strips are still firmly
> attached.
> I don't know if "steri-strip" is a trademark or not, but my guess is that
> is a trademark. It's very likely that the material is made in the USA,
> because all of the dimensions I have mentioned were measured by me. They
> NOT inch approximations of actual metric dimensions. So I don't see how
> could have been made outside the USA.
> Maybe the whole answer is in the adhesive and the preparation. Apparently
> the technique has become common. So if it hasn't been investigated for use
> with insulin pump infusion sets, it should be, for the benefit of those
> claim to have problems with what most of us use.

I had a suspicious lump removed from my breast a few years ago, & that was
my introduction to steri-strips...I love them.  One of my favorite things
about them is, while they (for me, at least) stay stuck with no problem,
they come off when you want them to with no pain!  (Yay Team!!)  Since that
experience, I've laways kept some packed in the "medbag" of supplies that
travels with us...we use a backpack, so I can use one compartment for
regular stuff (bandaids, Advil, etc.) & one specifically for pumpstuff -
easy to carry, gives me enough room to comfortably house an extra copy of my
pump manual should it be needed, & on very long trips, the extra pump rides
along in there as well.

Anyway, on the steri-strips - we've bought them by asking at the pharmacy
counter (I don't know if it's the same all over, but around here they don't
put them out on the shelves), & then cut them to the size needed.  I think
they come in a couple of different widths.  I've only used them once to help
a set that was potentially coming loose (not usually a problem here at all),
& it was the perfect solution.  When I was out camping & "playing rough", I
tried to help my loosening set-tape with a band-aid (the handiest thing
available), & that was a dismal failure for me.  Steri-strips might be
well-worth looking into, for those who experience "site-sticking" problems.


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