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[IP] More Tape Stuff

     Thomas Beatson wrote..
     Subject: [IP] Possible Answer To Some Tape Problems
     >This possibility may have already been suggested and investigated, 
     >but just in case it hasn't, here's my recent experience.
     >First of all, I have gotten satisfactory results for 5 years with 
     >Smith & Nephew IV Prep and IV3000 dressings. But that's NOT what 
     >my suggestion is about. On 7/13 I had laparoscopic surgery to repair 
     >an inguinal hernia.  There are three 1/2 inch incisions that were 
     >closed with "steri-strip" tape.  Each of the incisions has a strip of 
     >tape that's 1/2 inch wide and 2 inches long placed across the incision, 
     >i.e., the long dimension of each strip is perpendicular to its 
     >associated incision. The tape material appears to be clear plastic 
     >with an imbedded grid of threads (material unknown to me), with 20 
     >threads per inch. The adhesive and adhesive preparation method is
     >also unknown to me.
     This sounds similar to the tape that comes packaged with a MiniMed SofSet 
     (the one that's not the IV3000 tape)?  I've been meanining to thank the 
     people who suggested sticking this to your skin and then putting the 
     infusion set over it/thru the hole, then putting IV3k over it.  Since I 
     started doing this, I've been able to swim, run, etc w/o having anything 
     come loose (knock on wood).
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