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Re: [IP] # of strips

Maybe he's partial to children and the other lady didn't do as he
thought she ought to, some Dr.s can be like that. It's wrong but I even
overheard one doc, who I am no longer with, say; "So what? he's gonna
lose his leg anyway, Told him to do the monitoring, but....oh well..."
to one of the nurses.
Real funk buckets these guys
Jenny S.

Brandon Keck wrote:
> I am blessed with decent insurance co. who lets me have as many strips as
> the doc prescribes. Get this- my son's endo will prescribe me 400/mth. if I
> want, but 3 other of his patients told me he will only prescribe them
> 150-200/mth.  One woman was having to buy strips out of pocket just because
> he wouldn't prescribe more and she definately couldn't afford it.  Wonder
> what's up with him??  Power trip or what??
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