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Re: [IP] Fortis Health Insurance anyone???

I received a letter very simelar to this when I was rejected. By pushing
the matter (and irretating the H out of every body at their offices) I
was finally told it was ---Get This----The AMOUNT of insulin I was
taking per day.....!??!
   I was MDI, and on over 75 units per day. On the pump, I am on 52 or
under-except at Christmas parties when Pumpkin Pie calls, and the
YAMS....and the insurance would only cover a T1 diabetic if they were on
less than 40 units per day.
   I'm 5'8" and weight train, with swimming, and weigh in at 178. 20.2%
body fat index. Trying to keep this on 40- units a day is like trying to
run the Queen Mary on 2 pints of Salad Oil per day.
   Thanks very much, FHP.
Jenny S.
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