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Re: [IP]Spock and the Borg

Evelyn and Cliff, I really must stand in awe of your brilliant logical
way of dealing with the Collective.  
   I've been legally blind from birth and have had to fight for the most
basic of rights all my life, and really, you guys have it down pat. To
think when I was denied the most basic after school job or club
membership in favour of my fully-sighted peers, I could've saved all the
heartache and anger, wouldn't have fought for the house I now own and
certainly would not have a pump either. I would've taken the Insurence
company's line of "Oh, we don't cover that" and gotten "Over it" and
would probably be signed up at the dialysis clinic about now.
  I used to love "Star Trek" and the idea of the Logical approach to
life, until I realized that I was human. I have emotions and grew tired
of the constant uphill battles in my life. I grow tired of having to
fight for every little thing, and grew angry at the fact I had to, even
in this 'progressive' day and age.
  As far as getting "over it" and all, that may work fine for you, but
this list is for support and NONE of us should be made to feel like any
less of a person because we get tired of the constant high maintainance
of life with diabetes.
  We are not Spock, and we are not in the Hive of the Borg.
  Resistance IS futile.

Jenny 2404 of ?

> "Evelyn E. Lieberman" wrote:
> > Stop concentrating on all those negatives.  Thank goodness your are alive
> > and can deal with all this crap.  You've got a pump and that gives you an
> > advantage over all those others who don't.  Burnout is a word you that
> > shouldn't even be part of your vocabulary.  Just cope because you don't have
> > any acceptable alternatives any more than anyone else on this site.  Don't
> > feel sorry for yourself.  I've had diabetes longer than you and I'm still
> > out there fighting.  Can't you do this too?
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