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[IP] I really messed up

I hope that I never mess up this bad again.  Read on......

    I just got back from vacation on Friday after a horrible week of bgs.  I
finally decided that my insulin had gone bad after about four site changes
in two days.  And also that  my back up cartridge was bad too. I was left at
only being able to keep my bgs around 200 for three of the five days I was
gone.  When I got home I was really tired from the trip, the car ride, and
the high bg.  I went to change out my insulin reservoir.  I opened a new box
and noticed the bottle was cloudy.  I thought that was strange so I read the
package insert and it said the bottle need to be shaken.  So shook I did.  I
didn't think I had to shake the bottle of humalog every time I shot up on
MDI.  But like I said I was tired and I just wanted to get some 'good'
insulin in me.   So,.......ho hum. everything completed I bolused to bring
myself down and then I bolused for dinner.  Friday night I had two beers and
some munchie foods and I bolused for all of that. By  2 am I was feeling
like crap and felt like I was going to vomit.  I figured that I was getting
sloshed on two beers and decided to go to bed.(by the way I'm a light weight
when it comes to alcohol)  At three am I woke up and vomited and had that
terrible DKA feeling.  I went and checked my bg.  It read HI on my Accu-chek
complete.  I freaked out.  I knew I had bolused for all that I had eaten and
couldn't figure it out, so I drank two tall glasses of water and bolused 10
u to bring me down.  My husband said we'd check again in 20 minutes.  We
fell asleep.  I woke up at 7 am  and still felt horrible.  I checked my bg
and it was 585.  I freaked again. I looked at my tubing. No kinks or bends
and then I looked at my reservoir and there was stuff floating in the
reservoir.  I was like, this insulin is bad too!!!  So I open another bottle
of insulin and I noticed that the cap on the bottle was purple.  What?????
Then I finally figured out what I did wrong I remembered that the bottle the
night before had an orange cap.  I had loaded Ultralente in my pump!!!!!!!!
I changed everything out again, including the site, and bolused partially
for the high because I wasn't sure how the ultralente was going to effect me
and didn't want to crash later.  I drank more water and then went back to
bed.  I got up at 9am and was down to 220.  I corrected again and waited to
see what the Ultralente would do.  I never crashed yesterday and my bgs were
in the normal range all day.  But man, did I feel like I had been hit by a
truck on top of feeling super stupid.   I'm not sure the Ultralente was even
able to get through the tubing.  I never had an occlusion alarm though.  I
am now separating my humalog from the other insulins I still have.  In fact
I have found someone who needs it and I will be getting that stuff out of
the house.
When I mess up I do it in a grand way, Huh?

Sheila Morris

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