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[IP] Diabetics behind the wheel and similar stuff

I read Rose Leas post about burnout. When I was in practice, docs were
supposed to report any diabetic who was unstable (DMV's word, whatever that
is to DMV) whereupon they would get a long questionnaire in the mail. Having
gotten this several times I took it to my doc who reported me as a juvenile
diabetic with frequent bouts of DKA and hypoglycemia. He did felt I could
drive and DMV must have agreed although I got the form at least 20 times
over the years. Finally I stopped getting it, my wife said, Oh, Hon you must
be cured now. I had a lot of patients with seizures in my practice and was
told they had to be reported too. One patient worked for the Long Island RR.
His job was assembling trains in a yard and putting them on tracks for use
later in the day. He had lots of seizures and when I told his doc he should
be reported, he said he only switches trains around the yard. I said it
didn't matter because it was an FRA rule. So, I wrote a letter to his doc
and three years later when he ran his switcher thru a red signal and onto
the main line during a seizure I was glad I did. When the lawsuits were
over, I was not served except as a witness to the medical events, Spot (only
driving Brio trains on my granddaughter's railroad)

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