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[IP] Re: insurance

"RoseLea" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>>  Right now the insurance people say I should only have
200 strips per month (that's only 6.45 tests per day) 

My lousy *&^%#! [insert unprintable words] allows 3 strips/day.  Three!  
I might as well go back to peeing in a cup.
Last round with the insurance I asked for 10-12 strips (thinking they'd 
bargain me down to say, 6-8) and lo and behold they coughed up some sort of 
written policy on this (which does not of course appear in my copy of the 
policy and guidelines).  I'm going back to confront them again next time with 
the ADA study--but of course that will only make them move it up to 4, if at 
all.  During one phone call they told me that since I had the pump, I 
"wouldn't need to test as much."
AAAaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  Where do you start?  
Well, at least I get a nice medical deduction at tax time.
Phooey phooey, chin up, boxing gloves on,

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