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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

Rev. Randall Winchester wrote:

>>Try to understand that Diabetes burnout is exactly the same kind of
burnout as other more fashionable kinds - like caregivers burnout, sales
burnout, sports burnout or whatever kind of condition is caused by
constantly being on call, in the spotlight and in demand  when you're at the
point of not having anything left to give...  we don't choose it, we don't
it, it's not any fun at all.  We just try to marshall our resources and get
through it... For many of us the pump is much easier than the tight control
protocol (intensive injection therapy) with it's four to six shots a day
the rollercoaster to failure scenario programmed into it...<<

I agree with everything you said.  The sad thing about diabetes is that we
can never take a vacation from it to get over stress and burnout.  While
I've never suffered extreme burnout, I've suffered from frustrations trying
to keep bgs on a good level.  One thing about diabetes is it's not just the
external factors that we can see (food, exercise, amount of insulin taken)
that affects our bgs, but unseen factors also (hormones, beginnings of
illness, etc).  I get disgusted with the insurance people mostly who think
that for diabetes you just take a shot or pill and go on your merry way.
I'm fighting right now for enough test strips to ensure that I can live my
life to the fullest.  Right now the insurance people say I should only have
200 strips per month (that's only 6.45 tests per day) currently on the pump
I test before and after each meal, at bedtime and sometimes at 2 or 3 a.m.
I also like to test before I get into a car and drive, but my insurance
company, in all their wisdom says that I don't need to do that.... now come
on, if you're in a car driving with someone with diabetes wouldn't you feel
more comfortable knowing they tested and know for sure that they're
completely ok and won't have any problems behind the wheel?  They make such
an issue of drinking and driving, but they want to put a diabetic behind the
wheel without a clue of what their bg is!  We live in a wacko world, where
99% of the people making the decisions don't have a clue!  Sorry, got into a
little rant here....  No wonder we get so stressed, every day of our lives
we have to deal with people who just don't have a clue, but who think they
know it all!

RoseLea and Max...

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