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Re: [IP] Remember this?

OK, and the relation to pumping is....?
It is funny though...<G>

Darrin Parker wrote:
> Maritime Oath of Allegiance
> I, Heather Kirk, do solemnly swear that as an official "Maritimer" I will:
> *       I will say hello to people I meet on the street and make eye contact.
> *       I will learn to drink Keith's Pale Ale and enjoy it.
> *       I will talk to strangers in bars without reaching for my pepper spray.
> *       I will NEVER refer to Toronto or any other southern Ontario locale
> without first sneering.
> *       I will never admit that my decision to go to UWO was my own decision.
> *       I will learn to properly pronounce NEWF-unland.
> *       I will happily yield the right of way to all pedestrians, moose,
> porpcupines, skunks, raccoons, deer...
> Furthermore I hold these truths to be self-evident:
> *       Deerjackers and bootleggers are simply UI recipients valiantly
> trying to shed the yoke of Upper Canadian oppression.
> *       The only true music is that which involves a fiddle.
> *       Exactly 1:00pm really means anywhere between 12:30 and 1:30pm.
> *       The stench of pulp and paper mills, or fish processing plants, are
> the truest sign of prosperity.
> *       The Ayatollah was wrong, the US is not the "Great Satan"... The
> Irvings (spit in Ocean) are.
> Darrin Parker
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