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[IP] Mini Med supplies costs?

Hey, can anyone help me figure out the average costs of monthly supplies
through MM? I tried to call their supply line number, but there's nobody
there on Saturday. I got a lot of stuff originally when I first got my
507-C, but am wondering what the costs of Sils (23") and 3 ml reservoirs and
a box of IV preps are. And how long will a box last? How many sils and
reservoirs even come in the box, I can't remember! I need to give this
monthly amount to a budget expert, and I don't know what to say. I change
sites about every 4 days, and thanks to this list, am now preserving the
leftover insulin and just switching the site with the cannulas. So I get a
week or more out of the reservoir. Thanks for that tip! Any info would be
greatly appreciated.
    Rosemary K

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