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Hi pumpers.  Have been following the posts on the closed-loop system deal.  
There's a new endo is my town here who has one of the Minimed CBGM devices, 
and my endo wants me to go on it for 3 days, just to see what sort of 
patterns I might be making.  I'm frustrated that my A1C's aren't getting 
lower, and from the testing I do, they should be.  

>From what I can gather from the MM website, you use your own monitor to check 
against it, and keep extensive records of every little thing you do.  Then 
you take it and all your records back into the office where they print out a 
graph.  Has anyone done this?  I'll let you know how it goes, if anyone else 
is interested.

I think a completely closed-loop system is a bad idea, but I wouldn't mind 
wearing two devices--one pump, like I have, that allows me to decide wht and 
when to give, and another seperate device that shows continuous read-outs.  
Over time, then, I could learn myself what to do with the readings, just as I 
do now.  The diff. would be that the BG data would *always* be there.  I 
thought that was what they were working on with this CBGM deal.  I'd prefer 
the link between to be MY brain.

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