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[IP] Revisting the "days of yesteryear" (pre-pump)

Greetings all:
   Finally forced myself to sit down & plow through unprocessed insurance 
claims & sort out Melissa's medical folder. In so doing, I found a fax that 
I'd sent to her then ped-endo on Halloween 1995, when Melissa was a 
prepubertal 12 yrs old. In my note, I was lamenting the fact that ever since 
she'd restarted school, we'd been unable to regulate her bgs, despite trying 
anywhere from 10-15 L at bedtime, which then caused lunchtime lows. We'd also 
added a 4th shot after school. I then included all my records for those 7 wks 
& when I looked at them, I was stunned to see that week after week, her a.m. 
bgs ranged from 170-300, day after day!!! Three months later we met with the 
Minimed rep, & by March 16th 1996 she was pumping. All of her A1Cs for 1995 
were in the low 8s, and the final one pre-pump was 8.8.
   Six months later the A1C was 6.8, and her most recent was 7.3, with a new 
one scheduled for this coming week. When I showed Melissa what I'd uncovered, 
she couldn't believe she'd actually lived like that - knowing now how awful 
she feels even being in the high 100s now.....
   So file this one away under "perspective" when you're having one of those 
"I'd like to stomp on my pump" days!!! Sometimes, when your journey is long & 
you're so weary from the effort, it's important to look back & see just how 
far you've come!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom & advocate)
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