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[IP] HLA Haplotype

HLA is short for human lymphocyte antigen a protein fragment on certain
white blood cells. These fragments determine to an extent what is an
allergen to the person possessing them. If you posses the wrong fragment you
can get IDDM, celiac dz, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and other diseases. Since
these haplotypes are inherited, there is nothing one can do about having
them. There is no treatment for a disease engendering haplotype so, it makes
little sense to find out what your haplotype is. In a sense you are stuck
with it, it cannot be changed. For IDDM and other diseases the DR haplotype
is the one causing the problem but their must be other factors. Consider
identical twins where both have the same haplotype, one gets iDDM, the other
does not. So- the haplotype is a determinant but not the only one.
Haplotypes are usually only determined for transplantation. I was going to
donate bone marrow so my haplotype was determined for that purpose. In
addition, blood group also determines to an extent what diseases we are
prone to but this doesn't matter as much. Blood group A, very .common is
associated with a lot of diseases. Although IDDM is linked to Group A, it's
not an exclusive thing, I have AB blood. My cousin is also AB we both have
,Spot The immunologically damaged doc

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