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[IP] Anti GAD-65 Antibodies

Anti GAD-65 Antibodies are associated with development of insulinitis, the
first stage of IDDM. However a level of 1.1 may not be statistically
significant. As always, talk to your doc. Celiac Dz is closely related to
development of IDDM. This doesn't mean your kids will get it but they do
need to be watched. By the time Islet cell antibodies are positive the
destruction of islet cells is virtually assured (The immune system has
already targeted them) so cyclosporine is not a bad idea.Yes it is quite
powerful but very good at suppressing immune attack. BTW we do not know how
long insulin therapy can stall off IDDM for. I can understand your concern
but you should talk to your doctor and follow his recommendations.

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