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[IP] Unused Tubing

Especially if we ask Minimed and/or disetronic to
> pass the message on to the manufacturer.  > Santana
> Susan Fisher wrote:
> > Sending it to MM is pointless - they don't package it, they buy it
> > from another company - MM (or Disetronic) is just the middleman and has
> > control over it!!!

The thing is, it seems to me that the companies do have some control over
their own packaging procedures...Dis does sell the 20/10 packages, & from
what I'm understanding here, MM sells currently only in "matched sets" of
set & tubing.  If they were both getting it packaged from the manufacturer,
wouldn't it be a case of both or neither being able to sell the 20/10 way?
If  I'm way off-base here, let me know...there's probably a very good reason
I'm in education, not marketing!  :)

I think that what I'm trying to say  is that it seems MM SHOULD have some
control over it...so don't give up with those "customer
complaints/suggestions"...it's a slow process, but your voice adds to the
chorus & may end up helping make a difference.


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