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[IP] Re: Burnout

On the subject of burnout; I think it's a matter of a personal definition of
'burnout'.  One person's burnout is another's annoying period of
frustration.  Despite our best efforts, we all have periods of varying
degrees of control.  When I am running good numbers, I work very hard at
keeping the success going for as long as possible.  When my numbers, for no
obvious reason, don't cooperate, I try to figure out why so I can get back
on track and then try for a longer period of success.  Then, occasionally,
when things refuse to go according to expectations and frustration is
heightened, I spend a day or two with less than full attention to
controlling my bG.  Although I never ignore my control it's a rare and brief
change of pace that gives me an opportunity to catch my breath.  A long
distance race cannot be run entirely at one speed.  When approaching a
particularly difficult hill I intensify my efforts but if the hill proves to
be unexpectedly formidable, I slow down.  I suppose this is my way of
dealing with burnout, and I accept that.  However, when thinking of real
burnout I think of having a child with diabetes.  I have three daughters and
three grandsons none of whom are afflicted with diabetes.  I can deal with
my own diabetes but I don't know how I would fare dealing with a child's.  I
know I would learn the definition of burnout very quickly.

Just my thoughts.
John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 since 1956
MM 507 since 6/9/98

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