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[IP] Re: Outdated CDE (was..You have to feel sorry for some people)

The AADE has a website, and I've been there, but am not sure of the
addy...might try http://www.aade.com or .org and see what comes up,
Barbara would have that info too. Patient feedback is needed if there's
going to be a change in things.

  The address is: http://www.aadenet.org.

Another suggestion: You could contact each pump company and ask them to send
literature and videos (they are usually free) to the people you have in
    Not ALL CDEs practice the way you have encountered. Each year, the AADE
has a national education conference. (Three other CDEs and I are presenting
a workshop about pump management.)  Regionally, and at local CDE meetings,
there are often other education sessions. With a lot of financial cutbacks
in many healthcare organizations, it is difficult for some people to take
advantage of education programs. If a CDE is a member of AADE, a monthly
publication is available to update us on DM information.  Not all CDEs are
members of AADE.

Keep in mind, we all have to deal with local conversation habits.  When I
was doing hospital inpatient education consults, one of the unit nurses
might say,
"Oh, good. The diabetic nurse is here."
My usual response was, "I am a diabetes educator who doesn't have diabetes,
yet.", or, I would look around and say, "Oh, who might that be?"

A response to the label "sugar" might be, "Yes, we all have sugar. Is your
BG in the normal range?"  It falls into the same catgory as, "I have a
Well, we all have a normal temperature. At least, that is better than none
at all.  If someone has a fever, or is hypothermic, then that is cause for

Smiles to all!

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE

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