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[IP] Re: Help with bread please please!!!!! Was a low rebound maybe

Hi all and thank you all that gave me help with the bread.I thought the 
bread was the cause of the high high blood sugars but when I got Ryan to 
stop eating it the highs continued. I was at my wits end when I was told it 
was all being caused from a rebound from lows and the more insulin I gave 
the worse it would get. I thought this was crazy how could this go on for 2 
weeks. We changed pumps and one morning I tested Ryan and saw he was on his 
way down so I gave some juice so he would not go to low and I did that 3 
times during the morning just enough so he was not going so low that his 
liver was kicking out glucose and then rebounding with a high. Anyway since 
I did this and decreased some basals numbers have been fantastic.I never 
thought you could rebound for such a long time or maybe it was the new pump 
as I suspected trouble with the other one so not sure what made the 
difference but glad to be on track again and thank you all for your help.I 
am very very gratefull for your advice.                          Lori  Ryans 

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