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[IP] Control / Burnout

< I am not sure I can describe it....diabetes just IS.    I accept it as
a part of who I am.  I don't get "burnout" about who I am.  When I was
diagnosed 15 years ago in the hospital...where I almost died....I
remember being told that there were things I could never do
again.....eat sugar, go barefooted, drink co-cola, etc,   By the time I
left the hospital 2 weeks later, on multiple injections, I had made up
my mind that this disease was not going to control my life, I was going
to control it. >

I agree with you, Bonnie.  In my opinion, Cliff was much too abrupt in
his answer, but he is right in the sense that all of us need to accept
what happens in our lives, esp. when it isn't our fault!  I have more
problems dealing with things (or relationships) where I have been at
fault--but none of us "caused" our diabetes.

I also almost died before going to the hospital, age 13, weight down
from 95 lbs to 70 but no one suspected diabetes. My doctor told me that
if I had gone one or two more weeks without insulin, I would have been
dead.  For me, that helped me resolve not to waste my time, but use each
day as a gift from God.

Still, for all of us, we get discouraged when despite all our best
efforts, we inevitably fall short.  For me the discouragement doesn't
last long...but for others obviously it does. It's important for all of
us to realize during those times that the disease isn't our fault.



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