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Re: [IP] Re:

If the water is just used in a vial for practicing the drawing up of the
cartridge, there's no problem. It's if they are going to Wear the whole
thing and run a 'practice' with the pump that they MUST use saline.
    The salt balance in saline solution is safer than even sterile water
as the salt exchange in the body will cause the breakdown of RBCs and
saline won't. It's a natural balancing act called osmosis where the salt
will go from one area to another area which is less 'salty'. It can
cause a breakdown of the RBC structure so saline, being sterile and with
an affinity to the body's environment is recommended for the actual
injection / infusion into the body.

    Just to practice drawing up and filling a cartridge water is
fine...Just ditch the used cart after playing with it and don't go on to
fill with insulin as the lubricant will have been compromised over the
previous uses.

Jenny S.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Re: the water, check with your MD.  It doesn't sound like a good idea, wonder
> if it would hurt?  I'm sure you would make sure it'd sterile too.
> Good luck and stay well,
> PS-welcome to the list!
> Kindra
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