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Free Replacements was Re: [IP] Unused tubing and letter to MM

I would reuse my tender infusion set tubing regularly when I installed a
second reservoir...until the first time the cap snapped at the leuer lock.
It was majorly inconvenient, as it occurred away from home.

So now I change each time I prime.  But...sometimes the cap snaps at the
leuer lock on new tubings anyway.  Has anyone else experienced this?

After putting up with it a couple of times, I called Disetronic to let them
know their new infusion sets were failing.  They wanted to know if I was
reusing the tubings, and would I send the offending infusion set to them.

I did, and they sent me a whole box of 10 needles and 10 tubes.  About five
weeks worth of supplies.  Thanks, Disetronic.

On subject of replacements...LXN sales reps will trade bottles of InCharge
BG test strips for surplus Fructosamine test strips.  A months worth of
fructosamine strips are included with each box of 50 strips.  And we who use
300 strips or more a month have an extra 20 fructosamine tests.  I'm not
sure what the exchange rate is, but IMO, it's worth a call to your rep.


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