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Re: [IP] You have to feel sorry for some people

The only to combat this is to write a letter and such to the AADE and
let them know how you feel about the 'services' you're receiving from 
the CDE. I feel that too, it depends on the population. I visit the
"askme.com" page, and find that if my answers are very clinical, the
person asking the question gives a low rating and comments; "Well, I'm
glad YOU know what you just wrote, 'cause I sure didn't understand a
word of it...." and then I clarify with very basic language, and they
then understand what I was saying.
   Maybe the majority of people there say 'sugar' as is done in many
areas. But the dissuading of pump therapy should not be the CDE's
personal gripes about it. I had the same problem with my doc, and CDE,
but I changed doctors and consequently CDEs to a more progressive
practice, and haven't looked back.
   Then again, I am lucky to live in an area that allows such choice,
and moving practices doesn't make the difference of a one hour or four
hour bus trip, as it does in some areas.
   It's good we have lists like this so we can keep up with the new
things if we're not close to or have access to progressive practices,
especially if insurance is an issue too.
   The AADE has a website, and I've been there, but am not sure of the
addy...might try http://www.aade.com or .org and see what comes up,
Barbara would have that info too. Patient feedback is needed if there's
going to be a change in things.
   You sound like a heck of a force to be reckoned with and I think
that's so cool! I hope you can get a new CDE out there or press for
better education of the one you have. Sounds like the local docs have to
open a window onto "Brain Street" as well. Taught the economics of a
pump and amputation surgery costs etc...
Good luck and I think you would be great as a support organiser!

Jenny S.

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> I think every 5 yrs is too long of a time because as we know things are
> changing constantly. I think every year. I have recieved the most awful,
> uneducated, unwise, non-current info from CDE and even one who has diabetes...........
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