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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

My husband tells me the same thing you aare saying Clifford. But when I went 
on the pump, I honestly thought my  bs's woould be better and granted my A1C 
is better - but I feel worse. I have never had ketones in 34.5 yrs and never 
felt bad when my bs was high. Now I usually feel like a walking zombie. And 
my husband and I are trying to  set my basal rates because my CDE says I'm 
not normal as far as reacting to insulin and she can get me no better and my 
endo. won't do it because my insurance won't pay for me to go to "his" 
hospital and he won't go to mine.  When I called my hospital to see if he 
had privalages at my hospital they said he did.  He just doesn't want to.  
It really makes me mad that he didn't tell me this when he ordered the pump 
for me. I think he even signed my name to the release form from minimed. 
They sent me a form before I even said I would get S pump. Then I decided i 
would get pne, signed the form, took it to the Drs,, gave it to his girl up 
front, she looked at it and said they already had one. I said huh? and she 
showed it to me in my folder. I was too shocked to say anything! Then when I 
got home I got a call from MM saying my pump would be there that Thurs. I 
asked if my Dr. had just called them about me getting a pump and they said 
non they had had it ready for 3 weeks.  Hard to believe, right?
But that's the truth. and I was too intimidated to say anything. So I do 
have an Oct.31 appt. with the only other pump endo in my area. So meanwhile 
I must just bide my time, I guess!Oh yes. My CDE (who is also on a pump) 
said my reactions to high bs's are due to something else not high bs and i 
would just have to live with it. This is really a great like and yes, I'm 
alittle, maybe a lot bitter. But again, I really do appreciate you all and 
this list.   Suedalgal

>From: Clifford Tener <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout
>Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:35:57 -0700 (PDT)
>I can't believe you people "Diabetes Burnout".  Does
>this mean you don't want to try to live with diabetes?
>  I take everyday as a challenge, to make my numbers.
>Some days I fail but I try never the less.  I realize
>that I may not have had diabetes as long as others, I
>have only been one for 35 years and on the pump for
>only 7 months but I think that burnout is something
>that you give yourself.  Diabetes Burnout, I think
>not, be glad you are alive.  Put that (Diabetes
>Burnout) in your attitude and get over it.
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