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[IP] RE:Burnout

> Subject: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout
> I can't believe you people "Diabetes Burnout".  Does
> this mean you don't want to try to live with diabetes?
>  I take everyday as a challenge, to make my numbers. 
> Some days I fail but I try never the less.  I realize
> that I may not have had diabetes as long as others, I
> have only been one for 35 years and on the pump for
> only 7 months but I think that burnout is something
> that you give yourself.  Diabetes Burnout, I think
> not, be glad you are alive.  Put that (Diabetes
> Burnout) in your attitude and get over it. 
> Cliff

You and I share the same attitude.  To me, Type 1 Diabetes is a way of
life.  It is the only way I know and I have accepted it a long time
ago.  I never let it get me down.  Sure there are times when it prevents
me from doing certain activities or prevents me from enjoying certain
foods but I battle it everyday. Diabetes has taught me to live a healthy
lifestyle from a young age.  It has taught me how to stay away from
certain meals and certain fast food restuarents.  I was told by my first
doctor when I was diagnosed in Children's' Hospital of Philadelphia that
I would be healthier than the average person because I would know how to
eat.  I won't say I agree 100% with his statement but I do agree with
much of it. Diabetes has challenged me to exercise harder than the
average person my age. I think I have succeeded in this area.  Hey,
everyone has a cross to bear, mine happens to be diabetes.  I'm not
going to let it get me down.

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