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[IP] Testing Siblings

> Ok I know this topic has been gone through before, but now I need some
> assistance.  I just had 2 of my children tested for diabetes (the 3rd
> already has it), the youngest came back with negative islet cell
> but positive for celiac disease, the middle one came back with antibodies
> gliadin (possible wheat allergy), and negative Islet cell antibodies, but
> positive GAD-65 antibody.  This is on the low end with the lab stating
> anything 1.0 and higher is positive and Amanda came back with a 1.1.  Her
> pediatrician wants to retest in a couple of months since it is so low to
> if it comes back at a higher number or if she is actually negative.  Now
> question is, for those who know, can a child with potential for D be islet
> cell antibody negative and GAD-65 positive?  The kicker of all of this is
> that my son (with D) also came back with antibodies to gladin.  So now all
> will have to go to the GI Dr. for possible biopsies of their intestine to
> rule out celiac.
> Thanks for letting me vent!!
> Holly Mom to:
> Taylor 9, D 3-99, pumping 3-00--possible wheat allergy
> Amanda 8, positive GAD-65 antibodies(? where this will lead), and possible
> wheat allergy
> Alexander 2, negative for D, positive for celiac

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