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Re: [IP] Spot replies (attn. Spot and Ginny)

I am A- I am taking this note without names about the HLS DR3/4 to my doc
if no one minds since no names will be on it.
I am to have a bome marrow biopsy and am scared to death. 
Also genetic testing..
I doubt there will be any cures or fixes and I don't know if I want to know
if I have anything else to deal with. Maybe I am chicken.
I have lupus with vasculitis and CNS involvement which means siezures (alot
of them) , RA, a bad immune system (my CD8s are only 42) everything else in
the CDs are too high. I have pernicious anemia for which I take B12. I was
DX with parkinsons a few weeks ago. I am falling apart. LOL literally. My
doc called me an alien because they don't know how to help me. My glands
are huge and the pain is so bad I cannot walk and am on oxycontin soon to
be switch to morphine. MRI showed atrophy of the brain I have an empty
sella which means there is no pituitary gland. So now what???? I have no idea.
I did have thyroid disease with antibodies but for some odd reason that all
cleared up! no one knows why. I need another planet I think.
MJ hope you are doing ok...
Well I spoke up..If I can think of anything else I will share. Until then
my hubby has to get me to the bathroom..I thought being 51 was suppose to
be a fun time HA! All my hopes and dreams all gone for now. Well I do have
one and I would like to share it but I am afriad everyone would laugh.
BTW, What type of test do they do for the blood type A HLA thing. and will
it mean anything for my kids if it comes back positive. Update on hubby..he
is A- too has low thyroid and his body stopped making testosterone and it
making thyroid antibodies and his blood work is coming back the same as
mine..they will check for pituitary tumor as his other hormones are all out
of whack what is going on?
Thanks for letting me share. I have to go (really) and also need to do
something about my glands.
Am suppose to be on cyclosporine but am afriaid of this.
email @ redacted
aol IM chat ID riverbijou
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At 09:26 AM 07/14/2000 -0700, you wrote:
><< These diseases are
>all related to a certain inhereted immunotype or haplotype HLA DR3/4. They
>are also usually concordemt with blood group A >>
>Well, I'll be.... I am A+. I have Hashimoto's...  This discussion has
>caused me to dig out my OLD copy of Diabetes Forecast -- July 1995 -- which
>has an excellent article on these autoimmune diseases. I noticed that it
>says under "symptoms" for gastric parietal cell disease that if the disease
>goes untreated for several years, anemia and neurological problems develop.
>My question is whether there is any way to catch it early other than the
>PCA test? Are there any early symptoms? And lastly, if the disease does
>develop, do the b12 shots take care of the problems? Ginny, feel free to
>chime in here. I'm just a bit paranoid about my immune system lately.
>Mary Jean
>dx IDDM 4/90
>dx Hashimoto's 6/94
>dx non-Hodgin's Lymphoma 4/00
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