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Re: [IP] You have to feel sorry for some people

I think every 5 yrs is too long of a time because as we know things are
changing constantly. I think every year. I have recieved the most awful,
uneducated, unwise, non-current info from CDE and even one who has diabetes
who thinks pumps are rediculous and too much trouble and etc etc etc. So
how do they graduate in the first place with these types of
mis-information? I feel bad for people who have to pay alot of money to
spend time with a person like this only to be mis-informed. The CDE up here
still calls it "sugar" (YIKES)
That really isn't a way to educate. Here where I live "sugar" is a common
term for diabetes. They will say "so you have "sugar huh"? Well if a CDE
has thier attention why not teach them right? There are so many diabetics
around here struggling. I went to one support group for people with
diabetes and no more. I spoke with my doc and he agrees with me and is
meeting with my pump rep and he plans to put people on the pump. He said
there are way too many kidney failures and leg ulcers and blindness and
uncontrolled BGs and he is going to try to make an dent in the problem
where I live. He is quite impressed with my pump. He is an internist but I
do have an endo who comes up here who is willing to help my doc with this
project but the CDE in his office has to go back top school I told him (I
told him about what she told me and that she still called it "sugar" etc)
It isn't ethically right in my opinion for CDE's to be teaching wrong
information and charging the money they do especially here where this is a
very poor county. I wish I had the health to go back to school but once we
get one more person on the pump I was asked to help with support meetings
which I can do. Maybe I will start a support group of my own.

I have never been so disgusted. I was so excited there was a CDE here and
whammo..what a disappointment. She wanted me to come back. I said no thanks
because most of the info you have given me is wrong. She is still into
counting calories NOT Carbs and calls it "sugar" and I had to explain why I
wanted a 24 hour urine etc etc etc. She won't accept computer print
outs..she wants to see the log book. What is the difference? I use the
accucheck complete but she doesn't like that..she likes the pen BG
machines. I can't even find them here. She needs to be current and teach
people the right way and bring them up to the times.
There is a man here whom I met at the county council meetings who has
diabetes and isn't weel controlled. I asked hime about the insulin pump..he
uses insulin is type I he was never told about the pump. I showed him mine
and how it works and he was amazed! I saw him again a week ago and asked
what his doc said and his doc said it was too much work..The patient didn't
think it was but the doctor did so wouldn't even discuss it with him. The
man is going in for an amputation. Isn't this so sad? I feel for this
man..I gave him my endo's name and he said after his amputation he would
call him.  I really hope he does. I saw him in the pharmacy this past week
and he was in a low (really low) and he wasn't himself so I bought him a
coke and he drank it and told the pharmacist. He seemed to get better after
about 1/3 hour..His BGs must be swinging so bad...I was glad I could be of
some help. I had my cell phone and if things were to get worse I would have
dialed 911. He was in the stage where for him he was very billigerant (sp).
But he was also Very thirsty and couldn't focus and was swaggering and if
no one knew they would have thought he was a drunk. He got arressted one
night at a county council meeting because he became loud and he wouldn't
leave and he was taken to jail. If he could have had something to raise his
blood suagrs he would have been ok. The chairman of the board is a MD but
his opinion of people with diabetes is not repeatable on here and he knows
this man has diabetes. TO have him arrested was not the way to go in my
opinion. He needed medical help. Well so much for my last couple of weeks!
And BTW the newspaper did a wonderful article on my service dog and they
got the ADA on there etc..I was so happy it was done as professionally as
it could be. There were many typos but at least it was done.
Off my soap :)

>On 12 Jul 00, at 20:37, Jennifer Sutherland wrote:
>> A CDE has to retest every five years. I have three CDE friends who say
>> it's a given. Sometimes the tests are about peds, or food, or meds, and
>> it's never the same, but as they told me I could pass their test with no
>> problem at all.
>That's what I meant - the tests apparently don't cover changes in treatment 
>standards very well because there are so many CDE's who are still 
>dispensing misinformation.  It may be a case of "paper certification" too - 
>they memorize enough to pass the test and then forget it after they get 
>their results...  Whatever the cause, I've seen too many nurses, CDE's and 
>doctors who are still handing out the same "sugar disease" garbage from the 
>60's.  I've also met some who are very up to date and knowlegeable about 
>current practices - and this group seems to be growing, although very slowly.
>Rev. Randall Winchester
>WD4HVA (email @ redacted)

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