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[IP] Re: ACE inhibitors

Dr. Bender wrote:
> ..... The high glucose levels raise the filtration rate and damage the
> filtration organelles of the kidney. Pumping keeps the bg down. Ace
> inhibitors further protect your kidney. There is some evidence that the
> tendency to get kidney damage is genetically determined, Spot

I was on an ACE inhibitor for 8 years (Vasotec) when my function was 80%
down to 50%. My first nephrologist switched me to Captopril which about did
me in with severe coughing (foam came up), lost 7# in 10 days, etc.  I asked
neph last week if I am on an ACE now - he said the 3 I take are ARBs (?)
which are in the same family due to the reaction I had. I told him about
taking the Vasotec. that I had had no problems with. For the life of me
don't know why I was taken off the V. I also lost about 30% function during
the 8 yrs on it. I am not at less than 23%. I believe Spot's last sentence
is the revealing factor. Some get it, some don't.
Jan http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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