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Re: [IP] Diabetes Burnout

I also have this book. Have been burned out for 34.5 yrs, but just got the 
book when I went on the pump 3 months ago. Not stabilized, my CDE says she 
can't do any better and my  endo won't handle my blood sugars. He says 
that's up to my CDE. I"m going to a new endo but can't get in till Oct. 31, 
so----- I'm very burned out.   Really love this list even though I can't 
keep up with it. You all are keeping me going. Honestly!  Thanks for being 
there.   Suedalgal

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>Subject: [IP] Diabetes Burnout
>Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 08:22:50 EDT
>Hi!  Has anyone ever experienced diabetes burnout?  I know I have lately!  
>was diagnosed at the age of three, 27 years ago, and I get so frustrated
>sometimes!  Well, I found a book at Borders Bookstore titled Diabetes
>Burnout: What to Do When You Can't Take it Anymore.  You know, all the 
>diabetes books are basically for people who are recently diagnosed, and the
>information is nothing new for those of us wha have had this condition for 
>long.  I just started reading the book yesterday, so I can' t tell you how
>great it is yet, but when I was just flipping through the chapters, it 
>to address everything I am going through!  Just thought I'd share!
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