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Re: [IP] Re: diabetes burnout and gizmos


Melba D Fisher wrote:

> Trish lol lol!!!
>   We all have our hang ups and Diabetes is a major one for most.  What
> makes me mad is the Doctors attitude toward you if you are having
> problems dealing with it.  Like it all my fault, your the only one not
> dealing with it.  Well I hear the same stories from all Diabetics I come
> in contact with.  There needs to be some compassion, and help.
>   Another one of my bandwagons

And sometimes the very Dr's (who also have diabetes) telling us "how to do
diabetes" are not personally able to do what they "help us" accomplish...


At one time, several years ago, I had a father-in-law ask "how can I get my
son in law to take care of his diabetes?"... I had no suggestions for
him....  About the son-in-law: Was a diabetes specialist (M.D.) who had
gotten lot of thank you letters from his patients. And was working out of a
large "diabetes medical practics" having 8 to 10 (or more) doctors.

And then there was the CDE who quit being a CDE (after her personal
diagnosis) because "could no longer lie to the patients"...

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Sad how we continue to look for "the diabetes answer" even while saying to
someone else Y.M.M.V

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