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[IP] Control

 SNIP>>>>    Its like saying you can do something for 24 hours 7 days a week
and NEVER get tired of it. I DON'T think so!!!
Smiles,  Claudia<<<<SNIP

Burnout is something I have experienced, job and family related
responsibilities.....The first time I figured it out after the fact...high
stress/burnout.  Now I know how to tell when some of the symptoms may be
occurring and adjust my attitude or behavior accordingly.  My feelings about
having diabetes seem to be different than those feelings a lot of  you have
expressed.  I am not sure I can describe it....diabetes just IS.    I accept
it as a part of who I am.  I don't get "burnout" about who I am.  When I was
diagnosed 15 years ago in the hospital...where I almost died....I remember
being told that there were things I could never do again.....eat sugar, go
barefooted, drink co-cola, etc,   By the time I left the hospital 2 weeks
later, on multiple injections, I had made up my mind that this disease was
not going to control my life, I was going to control it.   And I am somewhat
of a bulldog when I make up my mind about something.  And for the most part
I have controlled it.  Now, sure my blood sugars go up and down, and sure I
get that immediate frustration when I have a high "for no reason", but I
take care of it....try to discover why it went up or down, make adjustments
to insulin, diet, or whatever.  The frustration lasts about a tenth as long
as it has taken to write this note.  

Course, I have some personal philosophies about life that assist me in not
getting burnout.  Like, there are no accidents, the only reason I am here is
to learn, etc.  I don't get "tired" of having diabetes or the pump.  I am so
grateful for the pump.   Diabetes has never stopped me from doing anything I
wanted to do, including going barefooted, drinking DIET coke and learning to
love it, and eating cake.  The first thing I did after coming out of the
hospital was crank up my life to the max...I guess being close to death had
made me realize how much I had yet to experience, so I did, and do,
whitewater rafting, camping, hiking, such great stuff was out there and
diabetes woke me up to how important it was to taste life. 

Maybe that is why I have never experienced anything remotely resembling
burnout.  Diabetes is just a part of who I am now.  I don't resent having to
check my bgs (it is interesting to see how my body behaves),  wear the pump,
based on the alternative, I am grateful I have such good control on this

Sorry, I didn't mean to go on, but it felt important to me to say that some
of us don't have burnout about diabetes.  Also, being very familiar with
denial, having alcoholics and addicts in my family, attending Al-anon and
Nar-anon meetings, I definitely know denial. Burnout about diabetes is just
not a part of my life. Thanks for letting me share. 

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