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Re: [IP] Carb Counting

Where do you get this pocket carb. counting book? Suedalgal

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>Subject: [IP] Carb Counting
>Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 12:35:31 EDT
>Hello everyone,
>I was recently enjoying my new carb counting book...The Doctors Pocket 
>Calorie/Fat and Carbohydrate Counter...excellent book BTW.
>For those of you friends who have a copy, I encourage you to turn to page 
>159 under "Gourmet Misc"
>Honestly, I was looking for some Chinese food counts, and stumbled upon:
>Ants/eggs/larvae, 1 T = 0 carbs
>Ants, Choc coated, 3T = 2 carbs
>Bee Maggots, Canned, (Ewww!!!) 3 T = 0 carbs
>Caviar, black/red 1T = 0
>(this next one is my favorite)
>CATERPILLARS, Canned (honestly, you can BUY canned caterpillars??)  Still 0 
>Haggis, 4 oz.  22 g Carb
>Silkworms, raw, 1 oz = 0 Carbs
>etc. etc.
>Lost my appetite for that chinese food and had a tuna sandwich!
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