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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #341

Perhaps Mini-med and Disetronic are just middlemen (as is Disetronic), but they
are very powerful middlemen.  From my experience with Mini-med they are always
eager to please a customer.  If everyone sends the extra tubing back to them it
will send a clear message.  Especially if we ask Minimed and/or disetronic to
pass the message on to the manufacturer.  I agree with the opinion that all
this extra tubing costs money to manufacture, pass on to the middlemen, and
then on to us.  For all of us who pay out of their pockets for their supplies -
we can use the savings.  Besides- it is just plain wasteful.

Susan Fisher wrote:

> Sending it to MM is pointless - they don't package it, they buy it packaged
> from another company - MM (or Disetronic) is just the middleman and has no
> control over it!!!

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