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Re: [IP] 'Wonder Baby'

> Logging on this morning saw this from abcnews.com about a 3 y/o saving her
> diabetic sitter from a *Diabetic Coma*. Wonder how the child managed the
> high bg's, ketones, etc., etc............
> http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/babysitter000714.html
> I know, the writer is uneducated about diabetes and the editor isn't
> either. But maybe they could reenact the situation and put it on one of
> video programs.

Okay, time to complain here.  While I am VERY glad that the little girl knew
what to do (I am a little puzzled that she was self-possessed enough to
prepare sugarwater, but was unable to talk to the 911 operator), I hate what
this kind of story does as far as reinforcing the public's perception that
diabetics are people who are helpless & must be taken care of, & should not
be put in positions requiring responsibility for others.  The kind of
impression lent by this story (& many others out there) is what causes
people NOT to trust a diabetic to babysit their children, care for their
house or pets, or be seen as a safe bet to hire for a job.  A little more
information (possible reasons WHY the sitter went low, the fact that for
many diabetics, this is NOT a common occurance) could go a long way toward
easing people's concerns...the lack of such information magnifies them,
lending weight to the idea that this is just a very regular occurance for
diabetics.  If I were an uninformed parent in the area of diabetes, & I read
this story, how would I feel about allowing a diabetic to watch my child?  I
know that you can't always cover every single detail of a story, but I get
really upset when minimal reporting perpetrates the myths that we all have
to fight.

Enough ranting...on to the UNpacking.  Since the weather is looking
decidedly ugly where we were headed (severe thunderstorms w/large hail &
damaging winds, also some funnel clouds spotted), it's looking like we are
NOT going camping this weekend after all...Ohio, ya just gotta love it!


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