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Re: [IP] 'Wonder Baby'

Interesting... my daughter took care of my lows when she was 3 years old
(funny thing, she could talk real well by then, the article states that this
3 year old couldn't talk to the 911 operator).  We taught my daughter that
if mommy fell asleep and couldn't be waken she was to put smartees in my
mouth... she did this many times (it was rough in those days, no pump and no
glucose meters either).  In fact, I have a cute story about this (posted
once before).  I fell asleep (passed out) on the couch one evening and came
to feeling someone pressing smartees in my mouth.  I cracked my eyes open
just a bit to see and there she was, she'd put one smartee on my mouth then
one in her own.  Cutest thing.  We never thought of her as a "wonder baby",
we just knew that she was a special kid who learned well and understood much
more than we thought sometimes.  She's 21 years old now...

RoseLea, sure glad to have Max and glucose meters these days...

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