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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

     Ditto, well said. I was going to reply to that email but I was rather
to upset and had to cool down before I replied. You said it for me and I
imagine quite a few others also. Thankyou.


> I think these comments were compeletely uncalled for.  What people meant
> that after living with diabetes for an extended period of time it is
> You are tired of the endless routine of blood tests, shots, carb couting,
> etc.  They didn't say they were giving up. Everyone has a right to their
> feelings.  My son has had diabetes for only a year, and sometimes I FEEL
> burned out on giving shots, worrying, testing, testing, testing.  I have a
> right to my feelings and so does the rest of this group without anyone
> telling us to get over it.  I am sure we are all glad to be alive, but
> doesn't erase the fact that the endless routine gets old.  I hope not to
> offend anyone but maybe you should read over your emails before you send
> them to make sure they are not EXTREMELY offensive.
> Kristin
> > I can't believe you people "Diabetes Burnout".  Does
> > this mean you don't want to try to live with diabetes?
> >
> > not, be glad you are alive.  Put that (Diabetes
> > Burnout) in your attitude and get over it.
> >
> > Cliff
> >

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