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[IP] Food for Thought (No Bolus Required)

I just went out to get the mail & the new issue of PumpWorld (the Disetronic
newsletter) had arrived.  There's a quote in there that some of you may be
familiar with...I want to share it, because I think it says a lot about the
life we work so hard to maintain.

"Being a diabetic is like taking a second job.  If you do it well, you can
prosper and live long.  If you do not read the fine manuals, if you refuse
to show up, you'll get fired.  And there ain't no grievance committee."
                                                    ~Jon Carroll
                                                      San Francisco
                                                      March 30, 2000

Also, just a personal recommendation:  On the back there is an advertisement
for the Clip Case...these little things are fabulous & well-worth the
money - especially at the two-for-one deal they are offering right now!!  A
Disetronic rep sent me one a few months ago, & I cannot imagine managing
this pump without it!  I can trust it to hold onto the pump securely, it
holds onto the pocket or belt I clip it onto without fail, & it lets me wear
the pump an a number of different positions...VERY helpful when I have been
too lazy to "delete" an air bubble or two!  Seriously - I used a leather
belt clip kind of case before (one that came with the start-up kit) & it
used to let go of whatever it was attached to on a pretty regular basis...my
pump was living the wild life of a swinger much of the time!  Now that we've
got the Clip Case, we've settled down quite a bit, & her "swinging days" are
pretty much in the past!  :)

I just read back through that - yes, I do realize that it sounds very much
like one of those hokey "testimonial advertisements" for something!  No, I
guarantee you I am NOT on the D payroll to tout their products - like I
said, the previous case was a disaster.  I DO want people to know that
there's a great option out there, though...at least, it really works for me!

Okay, enough putting it off - if I don't get packed up, we are not going to
end up getting to go camping this weekend, so procrastination time
officially ends now.  Wish me luck!

Off to pump in the mountains,

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