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[IP] Diabetes Burnout - Pixie

Even though I'm angry, have cried too much since my
> sites and SubQ tissue started rebelling (10 days staright now with
> site changes, skin as sore as it was on MDI), I put Fluffy back in, ate
> breakfast (after relocating site 3x by 9am) and am just hoping that maybe
> found a "sweet spot" where there's no veins and no pain. Burnout means
> just tired of dealing with this and dealing with it alone sometimes and
> a friend and encouragement. I know I could certainly use some right now.


You've got friends & encouragement here...we all may be very different, but
in some ways we are very much "all in this together!"  I'm sure you've
thought of/tried a hundred different things to battle this "site problem"
you're having, so forgive me if I offer something you've already done.  Have
you tried different kinds of sets?  If you call the companies, they will
usually send you samples of whatever kind you request - even if you are not
using their pump.  I called MM to ask about trying the micros (I use a D
pump)...they had them to me the next day!  (I was very impressed with that
kind of service)  Also, if you are using Sils/Tenders, have you tried
different angles?  As a set, these seem to work the best for me - but not
according to the manufacturer's directions.  My pump trainer had me learn
insertion using only a 15 degree angle, & that does a wonderful job here.

Did you have a pump trainer?  If so, have you contacted them for
advice/suggestions?  You might also call the pump company & say "Hey, I'm
having a LOT of trouble here, & I need to be referred to someone who can
help me out!"  They WANT you to be happy & successful using their product, &
they should be able to steer you toward someone who can help you
specifically address the problems you are having.

I hope that this gets worked out better for you very soon...my skin hurts
just thinking about all those site changes!  Please know that we are with
you, & this too shall pass...

Hang in there!

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