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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

Santanam and Sammi both make a good point everyone has a different tolerance
for problems. However, one cannot cure depression by ordering a patient to
"Snap out of it!" Dealing with 'betes for most of one's life is tough,
especially for those of us who got the dz as kids. It affects every aspect
of how we live and what we can do. I have a suspicion that depression is
another complication of d but is often not recognized as such and it isn't
made better with insulin. Certainly the incessant grind of thinking about
everything you put in your mouth and swallow is abrasive to the veneer of
life, not to mention worrying about one's kidney function and blindness. I
can say with certainty that I cannot find one thing positive about my 'betes
except I was more of a listener when patients told me stuff and I was less
judgmental than some of my contemporaries., Spot

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