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[IP] Re: remote on the MM 508 and half-unit boluses

<part of Trish's original post>
<Thanks to all responding on the remote.  It only gives whole and half
units--grah.  Think I'll wait for the 509.>

Hi Trish,

I agree the remote might not be "worth it" for you unless you can
bargain with MM.

But don't you find whole and half units basically sufficient for those
occasions when you are eating out?  I do, since I can't measure the food
precisely anyway.

Remembering that with a syringe, 1/2 unit measurements were even a bit
iffy (i.e., not exact)... I'd be happy if my boluses were always
accurate in lowering/raising my b.s. relative to the amount of food I
was eating, etc., to + or - 1/5 unit!

I say, + or - 1/5 unit, because let's say you calculated a bolus of 5.7
units--you'd give via the remote 5.5 units, or 0.2 units less than you
wanted. If you calculated a bolus of 5.8 units, you'd round up to 6.0
units, giving yourself 0.2 units too much. In either case, the maximum
you'd be off is 0.2 units--not very much!

Are most of you really that accurate with your boluses?  (if so, I'm
very impressed!)

Food for thought, anyway...


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