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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

> Diabetes Burnout doesn't mean we are big babies or that we don't want to
> try to live w/our disease.

As diabetics, we have no real chioce but to deal with diabetes and that
means we face alot of issues from dealing with something 24/7/365. I
certainly don't want to live with diabetes, I hate it and sometimes even
hate myself b/c of it, and want and need a diabetes vacation, but hey, I
have to, so I may as well make the best of it that I can. Currently, I'm
having major burnout and literally had to take a pump break last night for
16 hours. NPH hates me still:) I finally tried to put my pump back on and
while my skin hurts, my sugars are more normal (7 hypos yesterday alone,
incl a sudden drop to 28 while driving) Pumps are the best thing for
diabetics and even they are not perfect and even with excellent control, one
can even get burn-out. Even though I'm angry, have cried too much since my
sites and SubQ tissue started rebelling (10 days staright now with multiple
site changes, skin as sore as it was on MDI), I put Fluffy back in, ate
breakfast (after relocating site 3x by 9am) and am just hoping that maybe I
found a "sweet spot" where there's no veins and no pain. Burnout means we're
just tired of dealing with this and dealing with it alone sometimes and need
a friend and encouragement. I know I could certainly use some right now.


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